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Microlab Introduction

Microlab was founded in 1998, mainly engaged in the research and development, design, production, sales and service of multimedia audio, digital sound, home audio, HiFi sound. Microlab Electric is located in Shenzhen East portal Pingshan Industrial Zone, covers an area of 150 thousand square meters, with 700 employees. In the twenty years of development, Microlab has always maintained a high speed and steady development momentum. In the more than 200 cities in China, the product marketing network has been built, and the product sales and brand awareness are among the best in the industry. In 56 countries and regions around the world registered trademarks and graphics and other intellectual property rights, and has twenty patents and independent import and export rights, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, Middle East, Russia, Eastern Europe and other 80 countries and regions, to establish a stable partnership with many international well-known brands in the world. At present, the company's sales, income, profit and tax, export and other indicators are in the forefront of the industry.

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As the leading brand of industry, Microlab has been in the forefront of product innovation and technology leading. At the beginning of the development of the industry, Microlab's first "2.1 audio -M200" market and the naming of the "subwoofer" concept made the Chinese multimedia audio market create a new product category and opened the development chapter of China's multimedia audio industry.

Up to now 2.1 sound is still the largest product in the market. Since then, Microlab has created a multimedia audio 2.1+1 channel system, for the birth of independent audio amplifier and popularity made distinctions won in battle. In 2012, Microlab launched a innovative "net listening technology - no box sound sound", which promoted the innovation of the industry acoustic technology and filled the gap of technology. In the same period, "cloud play multi room wireless stereo technology" and "net listening technology" were rated as "new records of Shenzhen enterprises", respectively, and were recognized by domestic counterparts and domestic counterparts.

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Since 2004, the sales of Microlab multimedia audio products are growing at a rate of 15-20% each year. The current market coverage is 19%, which has ranked second in the industry. At the same time, the domestic industry authority, Chinese electronic audio industry association, the famous media IT ZOL, "computer", "computer", "computer enthusiasts" and other media research center on brand loyalty, visibility, reputation and market share a number of indicators such as rate of industry research data published show that Microlab innovative technology has become a private brand for 4 consecutive years ranked second. In the development of over ten years, Microlab has been the drafting unit of the deputy leader of the national related industry standard, the director of the China Audio Association and the vice president of the multimedia audio industry association. Microlab has won the "famous trademark of Guangdong province", and has won numerous awards from the government's functional departments and many awards from the industry media. Since its founding, Microlab has attracted the attention and support of the leaders of the state and provinces and cities, and has received many visits from the leaders of the state and provinces and cities to visit the company. Today, we look forward to the future. By accelerating the R & D and operation of new products, Microlab plays the spirit of "innovation, dedication and first" to advance bravely in the stage of China's rapid economic development. In the future, Microlab will continue to attract talents all over the world in technology, design, research and development. Under the guidance of the national medium and long-term development plan, we will seize the opportunity to become the leading global acoustic system solution provider.

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