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Development History

In June 1998

The company founder Edgar Zhang and Jack Wang set up "microlab" Acoustic Laboratory and launched the first 2.1 subwoofer system with “bass” concept in Chinese mainland. It’s the revolutionary milestone in national audio industry. 

In March 1999

Microlab and USA International Microlab established Shenzhen Mailan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd as a joined adventure.

In January 2002

Microlab factory acquired the ISO9001:2000 certification issued by the British NQA.

In September 2002

Microlab entered the rapid growth phase and expanded to IT peripheral products.

In October 2002

Microlab launched 2.1+1 multimedia speaker system with isolated amplifier.

In June 2003

Microlab changed its company name as “Microlab Electronics Company Limited”.

In October 2003

Microlab first introduced Hi-end concept to multimedia system and launched H200.

In December 2003

Microlab invited Mr. Peter Larsen, a famous master in worldwide audio industry to be Microlab's chief engineering designer of speaker unit.

In the early 2004

Microlab started to build its own industrial park of 150,000 m2 and was completed in the middle of 2005.

In May 2004

The brand new tweeter V12 comes out, which is designed by Mr.Peter Larsen for Microlab.

In January 2005

Microlab released a whole new Fanecone seires which are customized by Mr.Peter Larsen.

In December 2006

Microlab industrial park was put into use.

In October 2007

We sponsored a Spanish sailboat in the China Coast Regatta.

In 2009 to 2010

We had released our newest design of high fidelity speakers, wireless speakers, and iDock system. We also had obtained our "Made for iPod", and "Work with iPhone" approvals from Apple. Subsequently both schemes have been replaced and approved by the latest "Made for iPhone" certification.

In November 2011

We introduced the new 2.4GHz wireless 2.1 subwoofer system, FC362W. Employing the latest wireless streaming technology on a 2.1 speaker system. Stream music directly from your PC or notebook without any cables.

In January 2011

"Feel the Difference" slogan changed to "Just Listen".

In August  2011

Microlab unveils H20, the company first Bluetooth Wireless Technology enabled Bookshelf stereo speaker. The following H21 system applied the stable Bluetooth AD2P profile for wireless music streaming.

In March 2012

Microlab HiFi spaker series - Domephase gained Innovations Design and Engineering Award of CES 2012.  

In October 2012

Microlab announced the revolutionary “High clarity close distance” technology, with a digital audio concept of “Cabinet-free satellites, SQ speaker drive, parameter equalizer and 360oradio frequency identification”. This innovation had filled the technical gap and pushed forward the audio engineering in the industry. 

Clean listening technology speaker FC50 on the market. 

Technology of clean listening without box speaker, Cloud Play - Multi - room wireless sound technology, by Shenzhen enterprise new record examination committee identified as the first domestic peer and Shenzhen peer initiative, and awarded the 11th Shenzhen enterprise new record award.

In May 2013

X1, X3, X5, X6 speakers released and critically acclaimed. 

In June 2014

Sports headset T1released. Hi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 technology, with one-click phone answering, support wired wireless switching.

In September 2015

Montage style headsets T6, T8 released, with the amazing appearance and Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, radio functions in one.

In November 2016

The Kern-TV Bar launched, consists of a mini soundbar and a subwoofer with a unique appearance, adopts the new generation wireless transmission technology of 5.2/5.8G. 

In March 2017

Acquisited of brand Crossroads, founded by JBL founder Paul Bente. 

In May 2017

Microlab launched 2.1 Magic Drum and Crystal bottle, creating a new style of computer speaker.

In May 2018

Lanched the Echo Wall home theater speaker TV Companion and the outdoor Lighthouse speaker.



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